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Chaz M.L. Slater

Owner - Slater Photography
Head Photographer / Videographer

From a young age growing up, I always had a camera in my hands. As years went by my skills grew along with my amazing family. My beautiful fiancée Ashley, and our three outstanding children Kaden, Harlo & Cicily. Family, friends, laughter and love have always been at the top of my list and will continue to be.

After a couple years of helping out other photographers and videographers, it was time to branch off. Now, a few years later, it has become something bigger than I could have ever imagined. Chosen by thousands, with nothing less than a 5-star rating, and not one client unsatisfied, it's truly a breathtaking company. Here's why:

When I started Slater Photography I wanted to be different from all the others on many different levels.

  • Capturing any request offered.
  • Offering things such as no time restrictions, photo limits, or sitting fees to worry about.
  • After hearing & seeing so many horror stories of people waiting months, years or in some cases never receiving their photos from other companies, I made a pledge to all my clients that they would always receive their photos faster than any other. Mainly removing I guarantee that all my clients receive their special memories within 48hours of photoshoot and two weeks for weddings.
  • Never turning down a client due to their race, political party, sexual orientation, or who they choose to love.

That's just a few things that make Slater Photography what it is today.
So, schedule your event, wedding or photoshoot today and find out what makes me the man behind the memories.